If you know me then you know my passion for helping homeless children.


The world that these kids live in is often unseen and ignored.


It is heartbreaking and painful but also a testament to the strength that these kids have.


After spending years working with these kids I decided that it was time to try and tell a part of their story.


This is my attempt at that.

So what is Skids about? This will tell you a little about it:

James ran from a life of abuse and torture when he was 10 and began a new one on the streets.

Now nearly 8 years later James continues to survive the streets of Las Vegas with his new family, a group of other street kids who found their way to each other.

But when one of his family's life is threatened he will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety while trying to find a way off the streets.

With few options and even fewer people they can trust James and his family must decide if they can take the ultimate leap of faith in order to survive.

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