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The anniversary of Amara and Tristan's death is always a difficult time of the year for me, just as it would be for anyone I'd imagine.


I doubt there will ever come a time I don't write about them but  it's especially more frequent during this time. I usually keep them to myself but this one I decided to share because, as many have pointed out, it shows a different side from what many would think about writing during a time such as this.

I stopped by our bench tonight

you know the one, the one where I asked you to be my wife.

I sat down and let it take me along its ride,

let it lose me in the memories.


I remembered how you looked that day

the way your earrings matched your eyes.

Loving the way the sun shone off your cheeks

when you said yes and your tears embraced your smile.


I thought about our first fight

the passion you had in your eyes.

I couldn’t help but relive how we made love

after I lost my pride and admitted you were right.


I remembered how you were patient as I let your love take over my life.

The way you held my hand when you knew I was scared

walking into church for the first time in years

after knowing what I’d done in my life.


I took in the time and how your hair fell when you started to smile

telling me we were going to have a child.

I thought about your serenity

that night when we knew he would be coming into our lives.


I remembered that day standing in the rain

as we were forced to tell you both goodbye.

I remember the loss and anger fading away

when I closed my eyes and cried as I felt your love embracing mine.


There are so many things I miss about you

but I know you will always be with me at my side.

I love the life you’ve given me,

I promise I'll do my best to live it right.

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