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Model of Perfection

Another glimpse into the search for that all elusive thing.

In a daze I find you, 

My eyes clear, lost in yours.
My heart reaches out, I pull it back.
My soul yearns, crying out, begging,
tearing at my chest. 

Trying to get to you.
Trying to touch you.
Hold you.
Feel you.
Fulfill you.


I move closer,
my heart beats faster.
Your hand reaches out,
drawing me closer.

I feel like I’m floating.


You slide your hand into mine.
Heaven is where you lead me,
exquisite, passionate, tender and loving.
You lead me to the gates, the gates of my soul.


You reach in and touch my heart,
you touch me in ways that have never been.
You reassure my thoughts that
you are a model of perfection.

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