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Your Question

This was written after wondering how I would answer the question "How can you so sure about us?" if I was ever asked it by the woman I'm dating.

The night sky cascades down upon us

as I look into your eyes.

I search longing for an answer

to the question in your mind.


The question of certainty

is the one that has come to pass.

I’ll try my best to answer

though as sure as the question is

I’m sure to stumble and fall.


When I look into your eyes

I see beyond tomorrow,

I see days that will come to pass

that the sun has yet to reach.


When we kiss

I have a longing for more,

not for another moment

but an infinite amount of moments.


When your hand takes mine

I feel a love and warmth

that wraps around me

enveloping me in everything you bring into my life.


In my dreams, both sleeping

and awake,

you lift me to places

only you can reach.


With you the world

is a better place

with you I’m a better man.


In short you are how I can be so sure.

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