Not a whole lot of description for this one other than relationships are hard and the past can be one of your worst enemies if you let it.


There’s a memory built out of glass
fragile and tilting,
no matter how close I get
it’s out of reach, just tempting,
shattering to the ground like the memories we once made.

I know that you’re scared
wondering if running is the answer
and I pray you find your way.
Because one the hardest parts of loving
isn’t leaving, its knowing that the other could stay.

When your eyes were closed tonight
I could feel you pulling away.
When you turned I held on
asking for you to stay.

I know what you’ve been through
because even though your wall was strong
it was built of glass.
And even when you tried to hide it
I loved you for not knowing what I could see.

© 1993-2020 by Jeremy Houghton.


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