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The Door

Yep, relationships are still hard. Always will be. But they're worth it.

He’s still sleeping,  
she’s walking to the door.
He gave her everything
except the answer to her fears
or a reason she could understand
of how he can love a woman like her.

The door’s wide open
but she can’t make it through.
The walls are holding her in
or maybe he is, she’s really not sure.
Whatever it is, it’s not letting her go to the night,
that she thought was her domain.

He opens his eyes
sees her standing there with the tears in her eyes
He said “I know you’re scared.
You’ve ran from the pain for so long
all you know is leaving.
But the door will stay where it is
always open
and always will until I see you again.”

One hand stretched toward familiar darkness,
the other reaching out towards him.
She’s scared which one will win this fight for her
because she isn’t sure which she want’s more.

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