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I wrote this as I sat one day thinking about why I was put on this earth, the places I've been, the things I've seen and done.

I've spilled the blood of enemies

I've spilled the blood of friends
I've known where I was going
with no clue of where I've been.

I've seen the sun rise at midnight
I've felt the rain on a clear day
I've tasted snow in July and rode a wave in the plains.


But until I found you
nothing was the same
I lived in misery, I worshiped in despair
you opened the way

and showed me life without pain.


I lived without meaning
going one minute at a time
not knowing where to turn
only causing pain.


Now the path is in front of me
and I can see the sun
life can be lived
without having control
because control is something that can't be won.


I've lived by the bullet
I've silenced with a knife
I've looked upon life with foreign eyes.


Those that don't see
now show me the way
redemption is a long road
but one I have chosen to take.


Life is not my own
it was brought to show others
to lead them to a road
where His blood will be the throne.


But the blood of the righteous
will beget those of the damned
and the path will be paved
to the life that He has planned.

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