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I was having a bad few days, dealing with depression. This helped me snap out of that.

Sitting in the dark,

feeling like my heart got torn open.

Knowing I should reach out,

I don’t have to be here alone.

Each time my hand tries to move,

I find it frozen.

Like the scream balanced on the edge of my tongue,

and the tears that can’t find a way to fall.

I know You’re here,

but I can’t lie, right now I don’t feel it.

What once gave me peace,

I let them steal.

Why can’t You come and help me?

Is all the strength I portrayed,

finally trying to do me in?


Sitting in this darkened room,

screaming silently.

My body shaking, pain inside me draining,

all the things that let me live.


Can’t You tell I’m hurting?

Why does pain have to be so damn lonely?

All I need is someone to help me stand.


Then the light from the morning

cast through the window.

Threw the darkness away,

to the shadow that follows.


It was then I realized,

it wasn’t Your place to raise me.

You shared that darkness with me,

fought with me until I could find hope in me again.

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