I wrote this one night after wondering if I would ever find love again after having lost it before. It was a hope I had and still have but I can now honestly say I wasn't then where I needed to be to accept it when I wrote this. Now that I am, I hope I do find it again one day because love is a beautiful thing.


I also know that I was extremely blessed to have had it while I did and I'll always be thankful for that.

Before We Met



In the darkness is when you come to me.
An image, an apparition, a destiny I have yet to find. 
A dream with eyes open, you are intangible.


Truth comes from you with ease,
as I search for truth that has been so long to find.


Your eyes I have yet to see but already I am lost.
Your hand I have yet to hold but already I am captured.
Your body I have yet to embrace but already you are home.

Sleep is where I reside for there is where you live,
hours I spend there, only to open my eyes and find you gone.


Through the day I walk in memories foolishly wondering if you await my slumber so we can be together again.


My moments with you are few, my time with those unwanted too many.
My eyes close as I try to find you, my hand reaches out searching for you.


Your lips touch the back of my neck, shivers embrace my body.
Slowly you turn me, and lead me. 
To the light we walk, the end I hope I don’t find.


If I could live in sleep heaven is where I would be.


Again I wake, turning to find you not there. 
Through the day I trudge, do you exist?


In time I shall find you, in day or night the moment will come. 
I live with the hope that you will turn to me with a stare,
a flash of wonder and recognition.


Without reason we walk, we share, we start to live.
The sun sets and then it will rise, 
only to find you there as I begin to live.



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