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Music is one of those things that almost everyone in the world can find unity in due to their fondness for it. We may not all like the same type but almost all of us can honestly say we like music.

It goes a little bit further for me. Music, especially lyrics, was the first thing that I considered mine I ever felt truly passionate about. It let me know I wasn’t alone in the world. It’s always been there for me when I needed it. It’s been a teacher and friend. It’s made me laugh, cry, get angry and a myriad of other things.


But it’s never let me down.

So, the progression from poetry to lyrics was a natural one for me.

Just as with everything else I’ve written my first set of lyrics were quite horrible. But I remember the feeling I had when I was able to say that I wrote a song. It’s a wonderful yet terrifying feeling.

No matter how good I’m told the lyrics are or how many sales or streams something I wrote may get I always think it can be better, or that I did a bad job, or I didn’t do a verse right and on and on.

Yet no matter how much I may doubt myself its something I’ll never be able to turn away from.

I can take 3 years to write a novel but give me the right circumstance and I can write 3 sets of lyrics in a night. Music is amazing like that and I thank God that He gave us that gift.

So, here you can read some of the lyrics that I’m working on. I say "working on" because until it’s cut I never consider it done.

A question I know I’ll get is why I don’t put the lyrics to songs I’ve written or co-written that have been recorded or become popular on here.

The answer is because those songs are now out in the world and I don’t look at them as “mine” any longer. They’ve taken on a life of their own and as such they should live their own life.

Catch me in 30 years and I’ll probably be putting them all over the place but for now it’s the “unpopular” stuff you get to see. If one of these gets recorded and put out, then it’ll come down for the same reasons as the others.

I hope you’ll still find some enjoyment in these and why they were written.

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