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Poetry is something far too many people overlook.

It's a practice, process, and finally, a product that can help build you up or just as quickly tear you down.

In all the various forms poetry can take, it remains true to the writer. Sometimes to our terror.

But as with many people who decide to take the leap into the world of the written word, especially music and lyrics, I started with poetry.

And just like many of those people, it's something that I've never been able to quit.

Poetry is there for you when you aren't able to put the words into any other form. That's one of the many beautiful things about poetry.

On this page, you will find some of my attempts at writing poetry.

I don't tend to follow the rules that some try to set for poetry. If you are a literary master, then the way I write poetry, or anything really, may cause you to bang your head against a wall or curse or both.

I tend to bare more my soul in my poetry and lyrics than in other items that I write. That doesn't mean my soul isn't in a novel because it is, but it's much rawer and more immediate in my lyrics and poetry.

The poems you'll find here span a wide range of time. The reason for this is because I think it's important to show that we all go through different things at different times in our lives. Reading through these, you'll see proof of times where I was lost in almost every way, but then you'll see times when I wasn't. Times where I was able to stand strong in my faith, smile, and have hope, just as in others where I was angry, torn in my faith and tears, were darkness was the company I felt most comfortable with.

I was in a different place when I wrote Your Question than when I wrote He's Already Gone. And that's okay.

We don't always understand why things are happening. We all have times when we feel alone, torn apart, cold, tired, lost, confused, and much more. During these times, it can be easy to blame others, especially God.

But it's when we're feeling these things that we need to turn to others.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that no matter what, don't give up. It will get better, the pain will subside, and you will be happy again.

And if there is any way that I may be able to help, please reach out. If I can help, I promise to do my best to try to, even if it's just being someone you vent to. My email is

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