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When I was a child, I was blessed to have the gift of the written word.

It was with this gift that I discovered my passion for writing. While it started out with some very bad (and I do mean bad) poetry and lyrics, the true goal was to always be a novelist and lyricist.

As the years went by, the poems and lyrics became not as bad, and short fiction stories were born. Then I made the leap of faith, wrote my first full-length novel, and a dream was fulfilled.

There were always people there to encourage me to continue to grow and be better.

Previously I had several different novels on here, but I've decided to change that to the latest, finished work, and then I'll add what will be the next novel I'm working on.

So here you'll currently find the synopsis of Skids and soon what I'm currently working on.

These are the raw, unedited versions of these works.

By clicking on the titles, you'll be taken to a synopsis and the first chapter of each book. I truly hope you enjoy them and if you would like to share your thoughts, positive or negative, please send me an email. I would love to hear them. 

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