The Devil Wrote the Rules


Mason left Los Angeles and a life of protecting celebrities with his father’s security firm for Las Vegas, hoping that he would finally be able to start a life of his own.

Leah came to Las Vegas hoping to outrun the terror of an abusive relationship and her past.

After stopping by the club where his friend bartends Mason is asked for a simple favor. Walk, Leah, the new waitress to her car.

Minutes later, lying on the floor of the parking garage, Mason is fighting for his life from two gunshot wounds as he watches Leah get abducted by the Russian mob.

Physically recovered but still emotionally wounded Mason has become fixated on rescuing Leah and finding those responsible for her abduction.

After months of searching he finally finds his first piece of real evidence that she is still alive.

Reluctantly, Mason accepts the help of a diverse group of friends and the closer they come to the truth the more desperate the situation becomes for everyone involved. When at last they finally think this is all going to be put behind them they are thrown into a challenge greater than any of them has ever faced before.

With the lives of everyone he loves on the line Mason races against time to save not only them but himself.


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