Faith's Tempest - Chapter 1


Chapter One


Darkness encompassed his mind. Instincts reverted to a time where death was always at hand. Looking around him, bodies were strewn, blood dampened his every step.


He made his way through the uncovered graveyard; lifeless eyes cast deadly stares at him. Confusion, resentment and sorrow overwhelmed the souls of those that had died at his hands. He felt them reaching towards him, some wanting revenge, others looking for a door to salvation.


Making his way to the end of his ravaged trail, he fell to a knee and crossed himself in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Reaching up he pulled his blood soaked hair back and slowly raised his head to see him standing 10 yards away. Putting his head back down, reaching behind him he drew his weapon and rushed forward.


He woke with a start, searching the darkness for the enemy that loomed there. His hand was under his nightstand, fingers resting on the butt of a Glock 9mm. Lying still he took in the sounds of his house, the only sound was the rhythmic breathing of her.


He relaxed his grip, while looking next to him as she lay sleeping. The satin sheet covered the small of her back, as the rest of her tanned silk skin lay exposed. He ran his hand gently across her leg, savoring these moments with her.


Rising from the bed, his statuesque body naturally defied what most men strove for their entire lives. Night black hair fell below his shoulders as he pulled it out from underneath the robe that he put on. Slowly sliding the door to his balcony open he stepped out into the night air.


Ice blue eyes searched the horizon and finally fell on the waves that were crashing upon the shore. His breathing took on the melody of the rising and falling current as he felt hands moving around his waist. A soft kiss on the back of his neck brought him out of his reverie.


“You should be sleeping.” He said turning to look into the eyes he wanted to see forever.


“And you shouldn’t be?”


“I know, just can’t sleep.”


“You never do. You know I wish you would talk to me Dominic.”


“I do talk to you Madi.”


“You know what I mean.”


Breaking his embrace she walked across the balcony picking up the glass of wine that was left for a sweeter feeling earlier.


He moved towards her, lighting a cigarette and taking a long drag. “Madi.” She turned with her back towards him. “Madison, please.” Turning tears began to well in her eyes. He looked into her depths wishing that there were someway that he could make her understand.


“I love you, Madison. Everything that I am is what you’ve given me. I couldn’t be the person I am now without you.”


“If that is so then why can’t you let me in, you hold me at such a distance. I learn more about you by listening to you during the little sleep you get than from you talking to me. You want me to accept that you love me but I don’t even know all of you.”


“You know I can’t-------“he starts cut off in mid sentence.


“Yeah yeah I know you can’t talk about it. You don’t want me to ever have to have thoughts of you doing the things that you have done. Well look at what you are doing to yourself. Better yet look at what you’re doing to me.”


“Look I know it’s hard for you but you know what I did, you don’t want the details and I don’t necessarily want to live them over again. Is that so hard to understand?”


“What the hell do I know? I know that you were a Ranger in the ARMY for six years, after that you were recruited into the CIA as a so called Security Officer for four years and now you do nothing but work for the government. Security work so you say but I can never know a damn thing. It’s just really hard when I can and do tell you everything and I get nothing in return.”


Pulling her close, one hand went around her back holding her hand and one hand on her cheek. He slowly ran his thumb back and forward across her cheekbone.


Her bright green eyes, stared back at him. He lifted his hand from her cheek and slid his fingers through her platinum hair. It felt like fine strands of gold that make up the strings of an angel’s harp.


“Madison there will come a time when I am able to let it all go. I know that this is a very hard thing for you or anyone to understand. But I can’t let myself let it go right now. I’ve done a lot that I regret and some things that I don’t but I’m not at a point in time in my life right now that I can tell anyone about it. It has nothing to do with you, it’s all about me and for that I’m sorry.”


She pulled him close, the embrace something that he had waited for all his life. 
Their lips met, and she opened hers slowly as his tongue began to circle hers. He pulled her tightly, their hearts beating in the time with each other, their breath as one.


In an instant his instincts manifested into a deep fear. He held his breath and slowly pulled away. Madi began to speak when he silenced her with a look. His eyes scanned the horizon, he saw nothing. He was being hunted, the feeling that embodied his every being had brought him out of death’s door more that a few times. He continued to look, pulling Madison behind him, his eyes searched the sand, the garden that shouldn’t grow, back to the sand, and then he saw it.

An inflatable raft was hovering in the still waters 300 yards off the shoreline.

He could make out the silhouette of a man resting in the prone position.


As if knowing he was spotted, Dominic heard the familiar sound of a silenced rifle. He began to throw Madison to the ground but with unknown strength she threw him down. He landed with great pain, scrambled to pull her down as she was thrown backwards against the shattering window.


Dominic pulled her to him as he heard an engine start and the assailant begin his journey to safety. Dominic looked down, the bullet entered up and to the left on her chest. He could tell by leaning her on his lap that the exit hole was the size of a large orange. He had caused many wounds like this and knew what the outcome would be.


He stared into her eyes, a look of serenity surrounded her. She raised a hand to his head and pulled him close. Lightly kissing him on the cheek she whispered in his ear. “It’s not your time. You’ve got things left to do. Don’t be sad for me, I’ll be waiting for you. To the end that never ends I love you.”


Tears streamed down his face, he begged her not to go. She laid a finger on his lips and smiled. “Soon love, soon we will be together.”


He looked in her eyes and saw the peace again. “I love you Madi.” He cried in a broken voice, “To the end that never ends I love you.”


He pulled her into his embrace, running his fingers through her hair once again and felt the last breath leave her.


He threw his head back and released a howl that would shatter the hardest heart. It was a cry filled with hate, pain, love, and fear.


He leaned back down and took her hand. He cried freely as he remembered all the reasons that he loved her. He reached into the pocket of his robe and pulled out a ring with interweaving gold and silver bands and a one-carrot diamond mounted on the top. He pulled her hand closer, and cleared his throat and tried to wipe the tears from his eyes.


“This is yours Madi, I was going to give it to you earlier but I got scared. God, how I once thought we had all the time in the world. But there will come a time and place where I will marry you, so do me a favor and hold onto this until then.”


Tears covered her hand as he slid the engagement ring on her finger.

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