Faith's Tempest


Just when he thinks he’s found the peace and security he’s searched for since childhood, Dominic Samuel’s life is shattered in one night, with one bullet. The one person Dominic loves, Madison, is senselessly taken from him. Worse yet, Dominic knows the bullet was meant for him.

As he tries to pull together the shards of his life, Dominic gets the chance to give more of himself than ever before. As a contract agent for the CIA, Dominic is asked to protect three people: a homeless woman, her unborn child, and a blind man. Dominic thinks it’s just a routine job until he comes face to face with Jericho Salvens, the very man who killed Madison. Suddenly, the mission becomes personal and critical.


With those he’s protecting at his side, Dominic runs from not just one, but a cadre of assassins. He must use his instincts, his sensibilities, and his closequarter combat skills to help those with whose welfare he’s been entrusted to find safe refuge. Dominic is soon on a journey that will take him from fear to love, faithlessness to faithfulness, and despair to hope.


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